2012 Loop Luncheon - Saul Levmore and Martha Nussbaum, "The Offensive Internet"

In 2010 and 2011 Professors Saul Levmore and Martha Nussbaum gave several talks about the book, The Offensive Internet, a collection of essays about apparent abuses of anonymity and freedom from liability on the Internet. While those topics remain relevant, and Internet providers continue to have unusual immunity, the situation is complicated by the ubiquity of smartphones, apps, and cameras that intrude, to be sure, but also inform and monitor. The focus may have moved from the Offensive Internet to the Intrusive Internet. Should we celebrate new technologies in this regard, and be prepared to live with some offense and intrusion, or ought we be anxious and prepared to regulate?

This talk was recorded May 4, 2012 at the University's annual Loop Luncheon.

Participating faculty: 
Saul Levmore
Participating faculty: 
Martha C. Nussbaum