John Kunich, "Can Nuclear Fusion Solve Climate Change & Our Energy Addiction?"

John Kunich is a Professor at Charlotte School of Law, expert on Environmental and Biodiversity Law, and an environmentalist with free market solutions for problems ranging from climate change to biodiversity loss.

Professor Kunich regularly appears as an environmental expert for American television stations, including CNN, PBS, and Fox News, and contributes to publications such as USA Today and Christian Science Monitor. Kunich is the author of five books, including Betting the Earth: How We Can Still Win the Biggest Gamble of All Time (2009) and Killing Our Oceans (2006), and is a regular contributor to law journals.

This talk was recorded on January 29, 2014, and sponsored by the Federalist Society. Assistant Clinical Professor and Director of the Abrams Environmental Law Clinic, Mark Templeton, provided commentary.

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Mark N. Templeton
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