"Gunner's World," from the 2010 Law School Musical

This song from "All You Need is Law: Because Love is Inefficient," the 2010 University of Chicago Law School Musical, was written by Bill Weaver '10, and performed by Matt Kopko '11.


Marbury Madison, McCulloch vers Maryland
Brown Board of Education
Roe v. Wade, Bush v. Gore, New York Times versus Sullivan
Then Strickland vers Washington.
US vers Booker, Grutters vers Bolilnger,
then Anderson Liberty.
Gideon vers Wainwright, Matsushita v. Zenith,
Planned Parenthood versus Casey.
Plessy v. Ferguson, Dred Scott, Gibbons Ogden,
Nixon, Griswold, Connecticut.
Bakke v. Regents, and Korematsu,
Miranda, Celotex versus Catrett.

Pennoyer v. Neff, and Hawkins McGee
His hand got super hairy,
Pierson v. Post, Vosburg v. Putney
SEC versus Howey.
Hadley v. Baxendale, Sherwood vers Walker,
Rose Second of Aberlone
Regina v. Cunningham, Fletcher v. Ryland
Acme Mills, Eric Railroad
There's Ploof versus Putnam, insane old M'Naughten,
Carroll Towing by Learned Hand
Penn Central, Loretto, and Kelo New London,
Pfizer can take your land.

International Shoe and Summers vers Tice
In re Marriage Cases
Missouri Furnace, then Riggs versus Palmer,
And In re Polemis
Lawrence v. Texas, Meyer Nebraska
Skinner vers Oklahoma
Loving Virginia, Wisconsin v. Yoder
Then Furman versus Georgia.
Ohio v. Mapp, then Terry, and Brandenburg
Palsgraff, In re Winship
Jacobellis Ohio, Justice Stewart pornography
He knows it when he sees it.

Standard Oil New Jersey, Shapiro v. Thompson
West Virginia versus Barnette
Papachristou, Price Waterhouse, Carolene, Grokster
Eisenstadt, Bowers Hardwick.
Slaughter-house cases, Twombly, DeShaney
Baker Carr, Boumediene, Katz
Hamdi and Thompson, Spur Industries, Buckley
Gault, and McDonnell Douglas
San Antonio Independent, Goldberg vers Kelly
Welch versus Helvering
Thomas Arn, Texas Burdine, Haines vers Kerner
Griggs vers Duke Power
Shelley vers Kraemer
Moe-nell, Conley Gibson
Farmer vers Brennan
Heller and Skidmore, Chevron!

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