Creating Capabilities: Framing the Issues

This panel was recorded April 23, 2010 as part of the conference "Creating Capabilities," held at the University of Chicago Law School and organized by James Heckman, Martha Nussbaum and Robert Pollak.

This session will lay out, in an introductory way, the main motivations for the conference, the empirical findings that make it important, and the normative work that has been done so far on capabilities in the realm of international development and how the capability approach has reoriented the development debate.  This session will examine the implications for economics, law, and social policy of the revisions to the Human Development Approach that the conference is expected to generate.

  • Steven Durlauf
  • James Heckman
  • Martha Nussbaum
  • Amartya Sen
Participating faculty: 
Martha C. Nussbaum