Gender, Law, and the British Novel: The Nature of Law

This panel was recorded May 15, 2010, as part of the conference "Gender, Law, and the British Novel," organized by Martha Nussbaum, Alison LaCroix, and Jane Dailey. Participants included:

  • Nicola Lacey, "Could He Forgive Her? Gender, Agency and Women's Criminality in Trollope"
  • Douglas Baird, "Law, Commerce, and Gender in Trollope’s Framley Parsonage
  • Bernadette Meyler, "Liminal Legalities: Traveling Women in Defoe's Fictions"
  • Geoffrey Stone, "Origins of Obscenity"
  • Chair: Randy Berlin
Participating faculty: 
Douglas G. Baird
Participating faculty: 
Geoffrey R. Stone
Participating faculty: 
Randy Lamm Berlin