Reunion 2013

Alumni listen attentively to the Annual Loop Luncheon
: The Annual Loop Luncheon included a lively Q&A with audience members
Alumni gather and enjoy breakfast at the Law School
Alumni enjoy lunching in the Green Lounge
Students and alumni meet at the Alumni Clerkship Reception
Dean Schill chats with alumni and students at the Alumni Clerkship Reception
The traditional All-Alumni Wine Mess was held at The Modern Wing of the AI
Alumni reconnect at the All-Alumni Wine Mess
Families gather in the Green Lounge for lunch
The Chicago Law Foundation sells Law School apparel in the classroom corridor
Alumni page through albums looking for photos of classmates
Dean Michael Schill poses with members of the Class of 1963
Alumni, faculty, and students enjoy the Annual Dean’s Circle Dinner
Professor Richard Epstein and Judge Richard Posner discussed their careers
Alumni gather for brunch at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock
Alumni enjoying the view while attending the Sunday brunch held at the Signature