Washington Post Interviews Future NBA Commissioner Adam Silver '88

From the Washington Post:

NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver is almost four months away from replacing David Stern as the next league commissioner. Stern will step down on Feb. 1 after an incredible 30-year reign in which the NBA added seven franchises, became a multibillion dollar enterprise and expanded into an immensely popular global brand.

Silver, a graduate of Duke and the University of Chicago Law School, joined the NBA in 1992 and has worked for the league in several capacities, including as special assistant to the commissioner, NBA chief of staff and president of NBA Entertainment. He has shared an office suite with Stern since he became deputy commissioner seven years ago. Last week, at Stern’s last Board of Governors meeting with NBA owners, Silver presented his boss a commemorative bobblehead with “David J. Stern” printed at the base.

“There were some really touching moments, no question,” Silver said of meeting last week. “And for the record, I did not design that bobblehead. I did give it to him, but I did not design it.”

Silver, 51, has been involved in negotiations for merchandising and television deals for the NBA but is about to accept the reins of a league that continues to grow, is loaded with young, marketable stars and has a labor deal that is favorable to owners.

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