Victor Hwang '96 Publishes "The Rainforest Book"

From the book's website:

What makes places like Silicon Valley tick?  Can we replicate that magic in other places?

Discover the answers in this groundbreaking book from two of the world’s leading experts at the intersection of venture capital and global development. Victor W. Hwang and Greg Horowitt propose a radical new theory to explain the nature of places like Silicon Valley—innovation ecosystems that generate extraordinary creativity and output. They argue that free market thinking fails to consider the impact of human nature on the innovation process. This ambitious work challenges basic assumptions that economists have held for over a century.

The authors draw from their own experiences as venture capitalists with a unique practice that blends public and private, working in emerging markets and assisting the growth of thousands of technology startups in over 30 countries. They argue that innovation ecosystems—what they call Rainforests—can only thrive when certain cultural behaviors unlock human potential. Their theory of the Rainforest is influenced by several breakthrough ideas in academia, including insights on sociobiology from Harvard, economic transactions from the University of Chicago, and design theory from Stanford.

With an unorthodox and entertaining narrative, the book reveals the mysterious mechanisms of Rainforests. Furthermore, the authors provide practical tools for readers to design, build, and sustain new innovation communities. The Rainforest will transform the way you think about technology, business, and leadership.

You can also read a Forbes interview with Victor, or download the white paper presented at Chicago in February, "The Rainforest: How 'Chicago Thinking' Explains Silicon Valley."