USA Today Profiles New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver '88

From USA Today:

New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stood alone at the podium inside the New Orleans arena news conference room on Saturday night, his bald head glistening amid the scores of television cameras and his hip unattached to David Stern's for the first time in decades.

"This press conference feels awkward for me, because, one, I'm not sitting, and also I'm not sitting next to my longtime friend, mentor, and boss, David Stern," said Silver, who noted that Stern was taking a few weeks of vacation before beginning his role as consultant for the league that grew to such great heights while on his watch. "It goes without saying that virtually none of us would be here without David. I want to thank him personally for his friendship, his leadership, his mentorship over all these many years."

In what was his first globally televised state of the league address since coming into power on Feb. 1, Silver spoke for more than 30 minutes and delivered the same sort of message publicly that he has privately for most of his 22 years with the NBA. He is, by seemingly every knowledge account, an inclusive, insightful and inspired executive who discussed his vision for the burgeoning league while sharing elements of his personal story during this getting-to-know-you period that will likely continue for quite some time.

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