Tim Allen '98 Op-Ed, "Medicine today: A battle on two fronts"

Excerpted from The Hill's Congress Blog:

Former Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist’s July 10 CongressBlog article “Personalized Medicine”  explains how the emerging field of personalized medicine will use an individual’s DNA—one’s genetic blueprint—to disruptively transform medicine by promoting efficient, cost-effective treatments, perhaps even helping to stem the tide of our obesity epidemic.

Indeed, “disrupt” and “transform” hardly do it justice. Personalized medicine will provide tailored treatment to each individual patient at the right time, and once established, render obsolete the centuries-old diagnostic practice of empirical medicine, which matches a specific disease to a patient’s medical history, symptoms, physical examination, and radiology and laboratory tests to a specific disease, and then offers a treatment designed for the “typical” patient.

Although probably several years away, personalized medicine is coming fast. If it reaches its full potential, I will be out of a job; at least my current job. But I have growing concerns that personalilzed medicine will not be fully realized.

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