Ryan Schaul '09's Web Startup Featured on Tribune's 'Blue Sky'

From bluesky.chicagotribune.com:

In business, success often hinges on reaching the right person. What if you could combine that with crowdsourced intelligence reviewing that person's professional performance?

Ryan Schaul's Transparentrees Web site aims to list company and employee reviews while also revealing the reporting structure within an organization — distinguishing the fledgling Chicago-based site from the offerings of LinkedIn and Glassdoor.com.

Anonymous users provide the information for the site, which launched in early March. A voting system allows users to promote the information or reviews they agree with, while inaccurate information gets voted down — at least that’s the idea — and eventually disappears. A points system tracks activity and rewards users for contributing.

Schaul created Transparentrees after struggling to find the right job. In one position, he loved the team but not the industry. In another, he loved the industry but not the team. With Transparentrees, Schaul wants to help people understand what it’s like to work at a company or with a person before jumping in.

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