Renee Newman Knake '99 Named 'Legal Rebel' by ABA Journal

From the ABA Journal:

Two years ago, professional responsibility law professor Renee Newman Knake knew she could no longer tout a rewarding and meaningful career in the law. As she saw it, the profession was plagued by wasteful inefficiency, a precipitous market drop, and the inability to serve a growing swath of the U.S. population.

"If I was going to stand up in front of my students and really believe that having a legal degree and a career as a lawyer can be among the most fulfilling career choices a person can make," says Knake, "I needed to be doing something to make sure that would be true going forward for future generations of lawyers."

Knake, 39, co-founded and co-directs Michigan State University's ReInvent Law Laboratory with fellow prof Daniel Martin Katz. "We needed to create a space where we could build an on-the-ground tool for rethinking the ways we deliver legal services, and then train our students and practicing lawyers to do it," Knake says.

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