Renee Knake '99, William Henderson '01 Named to Fastcase 50


2013 was the Year of Reinvention, with innovators gathering at several national conferences pushing the boundaries of the business of law, using software, algorithms, and new pricing models for lawyers as a way to better provide legal services to the middle class. New companies challenged our assumptions about legal research, and established challengers hit their stride as much larger enterprises. Bar associations and law professors sought to change some of the most traditional legal organizations serving law students and lawyers. The Fastcase 50 classes of 2011 and 2012 were an inspiration. This year, you submitted a record number of nominations, and we are pleased to honor the Fastcase 50 Class of 2013...

William (Bill) Henderson

Professor of Law and Director, Center on the Global Legal Profession, Indiana University Maurer School of Law 

As one of the very few law professors who studies the business of law, Bill Henderson's work has had profound effect outside the academy. One of his most recent works in Pepperdine Law Review, A Blueprint for Change, begins with the observation: “United States legal education needs to change. Simply stated, there is a shrinking demand for the product we offer” and concludes with a proposal for a consortium of change-agent law schools to teach lawyering skills in the third year. With others, Bill introduced a new first-year course at the IU School of Law in 2009 called The Legal Profession, a mandatory four-hour course that covers the ethics, competencies, and economics of the legal profession. The course uses legal ethics and the law of lawyering as the spine of a course that educates law students on the competencies they must develop to be successful lawyers in the 21st Century...

Renee Newman Knake

Co-Founder & Co-Director, ReInvent Law; Associate Professor of Law, Michigan State University

Renee Newman Knake co-founded with fellow Fastcase 50 winner Daniel Martin Katz the ReInvent Law Laboratory at Michigan State University School of Law. The team has incubated student projects to innovate around the delivery of legal services, and convened conversations among forward thinkers around the world. She has spoken extensively about the need for lawyers to be entrepreneurs in rethinking the business of law: (law)ntrepreneurs. Knake also co-directs a summer program for intensive study of new legal services models and markets in London.