Q & A with Brenna Findley '01, Counsel to IA Governor Terry Branstad

Excerpted from the Hillsdale Collegian:

Raised and homeschooled on a farm near Dexter, Iowa, Brenna Findley, 37, attended Drake University and the University of Chicago Law School. Upon graduation, Findley worked as an attorney in private practice at a national law firm in its Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. offices. She later served as Chief of Staff and Counsel to Congressman Steve King, R-Kiron. Returning to private practice with Whitaker Hagenow GBMG in Des Moines, she was her party’s nominee for attorney general in 2010. She is currently serving as Counsel to Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa.

How did you first become involved in law and politics? Did you always want to be a lawyer?

I was always interested in being involved in my community and trying to make a difference. So I started volunteering with campaigns when I was 13. My dad is a farmer. There are no lawyers in my family. Some people said I should be a lawyer, but I didn’t decide until I was a senior in college for sure.

What best prepared you to be a lawyer?

I think to work in law and politics, it’s important to have preparation so that you can think critically and analyze. Communication skills are very important. Being able to work hard, which I learned on the farm, is essential. Along the way outside of academics, you acquire the people skills that are needed in order to serve and communicate with people, to listen and understand their concerns.

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