Profile of Doug Otto '77, Candidate for Mayor of Long Beach, CA


Long Beach attorney Doug Otto avoided the rush, entering the mayoral race in April, about three months before Mayor Bob Foster announced his decision not to seek re-election via the write-in route. In fact, Otto was among the very first to enter the race. 

“I was talking about Foster and whether he was going to run or not; the horses were leaving the gate, so we decided to do it in late April,” said Otto, who described his firm as “A pretty high level criminal practice combined with land use and administrative law.” 
A 1966 Millikan High School product, Otto graduated from Stanford with a BA, received an MA in religion from Union Theological at Columbia University and his law degree from the University of Chicago. 

As far as his mayoral aspirations, Long Beach-born Otto states, “The way I simplistically formulated a platform, I call it the four ‘Es’: economy, education, environment and equality. Twenty percent of people and children live in poverty, so you can’t say it’s a level playing field. My plan would provide opportunities, but also to take in consideration public safety, we need more cops. We’re at dangerously low levels.” However, Otto does note the financial crunch. “There’s about to be a fire academy and police academy. It’s a good start, but it’s not enough.”

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