NYTimes on Adam Silver '88's Accession to NBA Commissioner

From The New York Times:

David Stern stepped into a conference room through a side door from his office. He carried a can of soda and a small plate of tortilla chips.

“My lunch,” he said on a recent weekday afternoon as he settled in to be interviewed jointly with Adam Silver, who will succeed him Saturday as N.B.A. commissioner.

Silver was late for the appointment. “Where’s Adam?” Stern said to Tim Frank, his senior vice president for basketball communications, after several minutes.

Frank went to check and returned. “On a call,” he said.

Coincidence or not, the new order, at least symbolically, was upon us. After 30 years on the job, 48 over all in association with the league, Stern was all but officially done shepherding a growth enterprise with which he had become synonymous, or practically symbiotic. The transition of power seemed to have already occurred when Silver eased his tall, slender frame into a seat at the table perpendicular from Stern’s.

Asked how he preferred to be addressed, he said, “Adam, please.”

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