Mythili Raman '94 Joins Covington & Burling LLP as Partner

From The Wall Street Journal Law Blog:

Mythili Raman, who stepped down last month as chief of the Justice Department’s criminal division, will join law firm Covington & Burling LLP’s white-collar crime and litigation department as a partner, the D.C.-based firm announced on Monday.

Ms. Raman is the fifth senior Justice Department official to join the firm in recent years. Most prominent among them: Lanny Breuer, her predecessor as criminal division chief. He joined the firm last year and is now its vice chairman.

“Mythli brings a deep seated knowledge of the process of decision making that can be really valuable. I don’t think the power of somebody like Mythli is because she has friends or can get favors done, but that she understands the decision making process inside the Justice Department,” said Covington’s Chairman Timothy Hester. “She has a sophisticated understanding of a process that is hard to get without being there.”

It is common for federal prosecutors and regulators to leave government service to join white collar defense practices at top law firms, where they they pull in much larger salaries than they did while working for the government.

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