Milton Sills '32 to Celebrate 100th Birthday

Milton Sills will celebrate his 100th birthday on February 4, 2010.

The oldest of three children born to Jewish immigrants from Poland, he was born and raised in Chicago, and graduated from the University of Chicago Law School in 1932.

Upon graduation,  Sills worked for National Bond  Investment Company. He was a Captain in US Army 1942-1946 and nicknamed "Uncle Abe" by  soldiers he worked with. He acted in legal defense of soldiers and their procurement of supplies and protected soldier's  standard of living while in the army.

He moved to California in 1950 to join his younger brother Jerome (Jerry) Sills,  in the practice of law. They established Sills and Sills Attorneys At Law in downtown Hayward,California.

Milton conducted litigation in the Alameda County Court House in Oakland, California, and was instrumental in getting legislation passed to fund the building and establishment of the Southern Alameda County Courthouse in Hayward, California. This was a nod to Jerry, who had been disabled by Polio. He placed an emphasis on breaking down barriers and stereotypes for those living and working  with a disability and confined to wheelchairs, before it was popular to do so. The brothers also co-founded the Southern Alameda County Bar Association.

After his retirement, Milton worked some out of his home, travelled extensively, attended  opera and theater, took classes on law, computer, photography , nature and continues to remain active. It was a common site to see Milton riding his bike in Hayward City traffic well into his early 80's.

Milton maintains a zest for life and living. At his present age, he still drives his own car, and has maintained a long time relationship with his lady friend Eleanor Perry for over 25 years. He continues to have a lifelong passion for the profession of law and a deep love and devotion to his younger sister Kathryn Stiebel and his three nieces: Marice, Shelley and Leslie.