Kim Daniels '94 Interviewed on 'Being Catholic, Every Day' in National Review

Excerpted from The National Review:

The “everyday lives of many American Catholics are no longer particularly distinctive from the everyday lives of members of other faiths,  Kim Daniels writes. “And so non-Catholics can be forgiven for reducing our faith to its positions on hot-button issues, for often that’s all that seems to distinguish us from anyone else.” A “renewed and rooted Catholic culture of faith and family and friendship” can give a boost to an “exhausted culture,” Daniels contends, echoing the call for a “New Evangelization” issued by Pope John Paul II and renewed by Pope Benedict XIV in a recently convened synod in Rome.

Daniels, a religious-liberty attorney and a director of Catholic Voices USA, as well as a wife and mother, wrote the original Women Speak for Ourselves petition (initially published on National Review Online) with Helen Alvaré; it now has over 34,000 signatures.

One of the fruits of the petition’s success is a new book, Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves (Alvaré chats about it here). A chapter, “Beyond Politics: Everyday Catholic Life,” is one of Daniels’s contributions to the effort, which she talks about with NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez.

Read the full interview here.