Jeff Carroll '12 USA Today Op-Ed on Manti Te'o and Conspiracy Theories

Excerpted from USA Today:

For several days now, the nation has been embarrassingly enraptured by the minute details of the love life, real or apparent, of a 21-year-old college football star, Manti Te'o.

In September, Te'o was largely unknown except to college football fans, mostly those who graduated from the University of Notre Dame. Even as his team advanced to play in the national championship game against Alabama on Jan. 7, and he finished as the runner-up in the voting for the prestigious Heisman Trophy, it is doubtful that Te'o's popularity surpassed that of any other extreme niche celebrity. Yet suddenly, last week he was getting the Sarah Palin treatment from ABC's Katie Couric.

So how did it get to this point? And more important: Why? It's simple, really: America loves a conspiracy.

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