Harry Sondheim ’57 honored with California State Bar Professional Responsibility Award

The State Bar of California named Harry Sondheim, ’57, as the inaugural recipient of the award, which will bear Mr. Sondheim’s name. Created in 2010, the Harry B. Sondheim Professional Responsibility Award will be given every three years to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the development of attorney professional responsibility standards in the state of California.

As noted on the State Bar of California web site, “Mr. Sondheim’s individual long-term contribution to the development of California’s professional responsibility standards is exemplary and laudable. The Rules of Professional Conduct developed by the Commission and the ethics opinions issued by COPRAC have been greatly influenced by his personal commitment to lawyer competence and public protection and the designation of the new award as the “Harry B. Sondheim Award” gives due recognition of his invaluable contribution to the State Bar and to the legal profession in California.”