Elle Magazine Profiles Senator Amy Klobuchar '85

From Elle.com:

Her first job-job? Working as a carhop at an A&W root beer stand at the age of 14. “They made me wear a T-shirt that said take home a jug of fun.” At Yale, she spent another summer working as a construction worker. Because she wanted a boy job. “I pounded eight-pound stakes into the ground working on a highway. With two guys on a crew. And it was after my first year at Yale, and I was obsessed with gaining more vocabulary words”—she felt a bit outmatched by her fancier Yale classmates—“and so I bought this book, something like How to Improve Your Vocabulary in 30 Days. Every time we had a break on the construction crew, I would read the book to the guys and quiz them on more words.”

At Yale she continued to indulge a passion for cycling. And not just bike riding. For Amy that meant long treks through Russia and Slovenia. When she was a junior, she did 1,100 miles (100 miles a day) with her father, from Minneapolis to the Grand Tetons. Amy didn’t do anything in moderation. Her father remembers that trip, which she planned down to every pitched tent, as the ultimate bonding experience with his daughter. “I’d known her as a child, I’d known her as an adolescent, but this was the first time I got to know her as a young woman, with all her ambitions and hopes and dreams and career plans,” which she shared with her father under the stars at night. “We cried together, we laughed, we yelled at each other.”

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