Don Gross ’79’s New Book Examines U.S. Policy Toward China


Many Americans believe a future war with a rising China is inevitable. While “China hawks” argue that China seeks to push the U.S. out of Asia and dominate the world, protectionists contend that China threatens American jobs and prosperity.

In this groundbreaking new book, former White House and State Department official Donald Gross challenges the conventional wisdom underlying current policy toward China. He shows how the strategy of seeking to contain China, developed in the Bush administration and accelerated under President Obama, makes America less secure – and weakens the hands of Chinese reformers seeking democracy and human rights. He explains why adopting protectionist measures against China – America’s second-largest export market – harms U.S. prosperity.

Gross calls for achieving a “stable peace” with China and negotiating inclusive free trade agreements that will bring greater American prosperity – consistent with principles for good Sino-American relations advanced by presidents from Nixon to Clinton. Sure to provoke controversy, The China Fallacy offers an unflinching critique of recent U.S. policy.

About the author:  Donald Gross is a policy expert, strategist and lawyer who also serves as adjunct fellow of Pacific Forum CSIS, a non-profit research institute affiliated with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. A former State Department official, he developed diplomatic strategy toward East Asia and negotiated sensitive international agreements. Earlier, he was counselor of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and director of legislativeaffairs at the National Security Council in the White House.