Dan Currell '97 on "What is College For?" in Inside Higher Ed

From Inside Higher Ed:

My college years were spent on a hill in a small town. I was in the company of 3,000 other people – students, faculty, staff – and we were set apart.  The only thing on the agenda was to continue being Gustavus Adolphus College, whatever that meant.  I didn’t know who first set that agenda, and I don’t recall a lot of active reflection on what it meant.  What did it mean to be a residential, liberal arts college in the Swedish Lutheran tradition? We discussed that a little bit, but mostly we just did it.

Now I am a trustee.  A lot has changed, but the basic character of the place hasn’t. Whatever it meant to be Gustavus in 1990 – well, it still means that in 2013.

On the horizon, I can see a lot more reflection about what exactly it means to be Gustavus. Everyone can sense the powerful forces affecting colleges; some would say they threaten to destroy the four-year residential model altogether.  Some expect this to happen fast.

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