Chicago Lawyer Magazine on David Hilliard '62's Art Collection, Exhibited at Art Institute of Chicago

From Chicago Lawyer:

If you are a collector — of art, baseball cards, coins, cars, stamps, wine or pretty much anything other than vacation homes — here are some litmus tests to determine whether you’re a good one.

Strike that, an exceptional one.

Have you been building your collection for nearly five decades?

Is your collection so vast that you have never seen it in its entirety all at once?

Was the first time you saw your collection as a whole when a world-renowned museum put it on display for four months?

Has a team of international scholars and art experts opined on your collection in a 240-page book published by Yale University Press?

Do you have one collection that passes all these tests and a second, separate collection that very well could as well?

Maybe this isn’t a fair test. It’s just a few ways to describe David and Celia Hilliard.

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