Casper Star Tribune Speculates about Liz Cheney '96 Launching a Political Career


While the Cheney family has long been associated with the Jackson Hole area, hardly anyone thinks she’s there just for the spectacular scenery. Liz Cheney is suddenly becoming a fixture at Wyoming Republican events, sharing the stage with her father at the state party’s convention in Cheyenne last month.

She recently addressed Lincoln Day dinners in Sweetwater and Park counties and the 109th annual Casper Area Chamber of Commerce dinner. Her schedule includes more Wyoming events in June and August.

While Liz Cheney hasn’t publicly expressed interest in running for office, there’s no reason to announce her plans now. The 45-year-old attorney can continue her role as a contributor for Fox News and build her national profile, while getting acclimated to Wyoming.

The latter task isn’t an easy one, despite the fact that her dad grew up in Casper and was elected to the U.S. House from Wyoming six times. Liz Cheney was born in Madison, Wisc., grew up in Virginia, and graduated from Colorado College and the University of Chicago Law School. Because of her family she is a household name here, but Wyoming people don’t really know her, and vice versa.

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