Capital Gazette Profile of Perry Weed '61


Richard Bach, the American author of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and other best-sellers, once said, “A great life is the sum total of the worthwhile things you’ve been doing one by one.” Everyone entering his or her bonus years should tack this quote on the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror or the cover page of your daily journal or devotional.

This quote kept bubbling up in my mind as I thought about the career of Annapolitan Perry Weed, who is a master at doing “worthwhile things.” Perry, now well into his bonus years, continues to use his gifts for leading, writing, organizing and inspiring to strengthen the social infrastructure of the Annapolis area.

Perry was born in 1935 in Philadelphia. After attending Hamilton College in upstate New York, where he earned a degree in economics, he received his law degree from the University of Chicago. After that he was a political analyst and TV producer for WTTW, a major Chicago broadcaster, where he earned two Chicago Emmy nominations.

Perry then moved to Washington, D.C. where he was a special assistant for legislative affairs to U.S. Senator Adlai E. Stevenson III. After a stint with elected leaders, Perry spent the next 20 years in the private sector. After a move to the Eastern Shore to practice law, he served as a special assistant to U.S. Congressman Wayne Gilchrist, representing Maryland’s 1st District, which also includes Anne Arundel County.

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