Ashley Keller JD/MBA '07 Launches Litigation Finance Firm

From the National Law Journal:

Three prominent lawyers and a hedge-fund manager have launched a Chicago-based litigation financing company with $100 million in capital.

Forming Gerchen Keller Capital LLC, an investment firm focused on large-scale commercial litigation, are Adam Gerchen, Ashley Keller, Travis Lenkner and Terry Carlson...

Keller is chief investment officer who was an analyst at Alyeska and a partner at Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott. He clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Anthony Kennedy and graduated from University of Chicago Law School...

The company, which planned to open today, invests in commercial legal claims and finances litigation defense. It expects the average litigation investment would be $5 million. The firm obtained its capital from individual and institutional investors numbering in the "teens," Keller said.

Gerchen Keller doesn't plan to be choosy about which side of a case it takes โ€” it will finance litigation for businesses that are either plaintiffs or defendants โ€” but will not pursue class actions or mass torts on the plaintiffs' side. In most cases, Gerchen Keller will contract directly with the parties.

The company has already made its first investment in a litigation matter, Lenkner said. He declined to provide details, but said it is a U.S.-based matter and was in keeping with the company's average financing deal of $5 million.