Aaron Katz '12: "How My Grandfather's Kiddush Made It Into 'Schindler's List,' and a Wu-Tang Album

Excerpted from Tabletmag.com

With the recent release of the 20th-anniversary edition of Schindler’s List, my family has been circulating emails discussing my grandfather’s “Kiddush heard around the world.” For most people who watch Spielberg’s emotionally charged film, the opening scene of the Kiddush being recited with Shabbat candles burning in the background functions as a somber memorial to a vanished world. However, for our family, that scene is one of the most meaningful ways we memorialize my late grandfather, a Holocaust survivor named Emil Katz, whose familiar Friday-night family Kiddush led to a series of unlikely encounters involving Steven Spielberg, the Wu Tang Clan, and two-time Academy Award-winner Rabbi Marvin Hier.

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