2013-2014 Keystone Program

The program operates much like the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs licensed attorneys participate in throughout most of the United States.  If you decide to complete the program during the 2013-2014 academic year, you will be eligible to list your participation on your résumé and you will be eligible for special recognition at the end of the year.  In addition, while students are earning and logging points, students will receive invitations to special events and/or priority for certain space-limited events.  In order to receive this benefit, make sure you log points throughout the year.  (See logging instructions here.) 

Here is how it works:

  • We have identified 10 categories and skill areas that lead to effective attorneys.  To complete the program successfully, attend programs that fall into at least 7 of those 10 categories.  Although a program may satisfy more than one category, you can only receive credit for one category per program.  (So, for example, if you attend a program that is advertised as satisfying two categories, when you go online to record your participation, you can only choose for the program to count towards one category.)
  • Each event that is eligible to satisfy Keystone requirements will be assigned a point value.  (Most lunch programs, for example, will be worth 10 points.)  You can earn up to 80 points from any one program or activity.  To complete the program, earn 200 points between August 1, 2013 and May 16, 2014.
  • You cannot earn points for activities for which you earn course credit or receive a stipend or other payment.  For example, hours spent as a research assistant or working in the clinic do not count toward the program.  The only exception is that pro bono hours beyond the 50-hour pledge can be logged for both the Keystone program and the Pro Bono Pledge.
  • You will know whether events are eligible to satisfy Keystone requirements because the events will be advertised that way.
  • If you are organizing a program on behalf of a student organization and would like your program to qualify, please talk with Dean Gardner or Katie Burns at least 2 business days in advance of the program.
  • After attending a qualifying program, you will need to log your participation online through the Law School’s website.  The online log will allow you to track your progress toward the 200 points, 7 categories goal.
  • The number of programs or events that count toward the program is growing every day, and the Office of the Dean of Students will add them to the website throughout the year.  We will also attempt to ensure that there is an opportunity to fulfill each category at least one time per quarter.

The categories of skills are:


Example of How to Fulfill Category

Anticipated Event Date

Point Value

Oral Communication

Attend the Hinton Moot Court Competition Semi-Finals or Finals as a spectator, participate in the Hinton Moot Court Competition, or attend a program on oral advocacy

Autumn, Winter, and Spring

Variable, 10-40

Practical Skills

Attend Microsoft Office Training

Sunday, October 6

60 for the entire day, or 30 for half the day

Written Communication

Attend a Practical Writing Series Program featuring Patrick Barry, '12

Several different programs offered throughout the year

10 per lunch attended

Legal Research

Attend one of the Library’s Legal Research Trainings

Throughout the Year

10 per training attended

Managing & Building Your Career

Attend a program on how to be a good mentee and/or Attend the Ensuring a Successful Summer Program

Autumn & Spring, respectively

10 per each event

Interpersonal Skills

Attend a program on interpersonal communication



Professional Judgment

Attend a program on ethical quandaries  and the law



The Well-Rounded Lawyer

Attend a wellness program offered by the Office of the Dean of Students

Throughout the Year

10 per program or activity

Service to the Community

Participate in 1L or Transfer Student Service Day (2Ls and 3Ls can serve as site captains)

September 20


Learning from Leaders in the Profession

Participate in a lunch with an alum organized by the Office of External Affairs

Throughout the year